Video: Eric Stevenson And The Yes Men – Standing On A Chair Singing “My Way”

Here is the first song (of many) which was recorded at Karisma Recording Studio and produced by Stapleton Stewart Productions to be put to video.

The song “Standing On A Chair Singing My Way” was written by Geoffrey Stapleton and performed by Eric Stevenson and The Yes Men.

The video and the quality of this recording should give you an idea of the type of work that we produce here at Stapleton Stewart Productions. If you want to find out more about what we can do for your next song or project just contact us via email or phone Corey Stewart on 0422 883 247.

Enjoy the song and video ūüôā

Introducing Stapleton Stewart Productions

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For the time being Geoffrey and Corey are initially concentrating on providing their song production service based out of the wonderful Karisma Recording Studio in Collinswood.

There are plans in the near future for more services to be added to the mix (sorry for the pun there) but in the meantime, keep on watching this space for more updates as they come to light.

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