• Have you written a song lately that you really, really believe in?
  • Have you written a song that you feel could connect with a lot of people if given half the chance?
  • Have you tried to record at home but your demo sounds a bit lame even though you’ve got great software?
  • Are you looking for great songs for your next EP/CD but you don’t know where to start in your search?

At Stapleton Stewart Productions, songwriters, musicians and producers Geoffrey Stapleton and Corey Stewart are all about collaborating with you to give your song the best possible chance of becoming whatever you want it to be. Whether it be a commercially relevant track or something more out of left-field.

As Charles Fisher (renowned Australian producer of artists such as Radio Birdman, 1927 and Savage Garden) once said to Geoffrey Stapleton when he quizzed him about the secret to his remarkable success…

“It’s all about the song, the song is KING”

And THAT is how Geoffrey and Corey treat each song they write, each client they produce and each project they preside over.

In addition to their engineering and production duties, Geoffrey and Corey also provide additional instrumentation, drum programming and vocals at no extra cost to you plus, being experienced songwriters, they are also able to create songs and/or music for your next project.

In the meantime, ask yourself a couple of questions…

  • How much do you believe in your songs?
  • How much are you prepared to invest in your songwriting/music career?

If you’re not quite sure of the answer then contact Stapleton Stewart Productions to find out if they can work something out for you. And while you’re at it, feel free to arrange a time to check out Karisma Recording Studio, the amazing studio both Geoffrey and Corey base themselves at.

Between them, Geoffrey and Corey have performed with, written songs for and/or recorded with many great artists including…

  • GANGgajang
  • The Rockmelons
  • Wendy Matthews
  • Sean Kelly
  • Absent Friends
  • The Dukes
  • The Aliens
  • Gyan
  • Jimmy Little
  • Richard Clapton
  • Maurice Jarre
  • Yahoo Serious
  • JJ Peters (Deez Nuts)
  • John Farriss (INXS)
  • Joe Wissert
  • Charles Fisher
  • James Black
  • Phil Ceberano
  • Teale Jakubenko (Australian Idol)
  • The Sherrahs
  • Peter Blakely
  • Reg Mombassa and Martin Plaza (Mental As Anything)
  • Murray Burns (Mi Sex)
  • Mal Green (Split Enz)
  • James Baker (Hoodoo Gurus)
  • David Tickle
  • James Valentine
  • Emcee Sunlight
  • William Barton

For more information or, to book Stapleton Stewart Productions for your next project either email them or, contact Corey Stewart on 0422 883 247.